Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Word Wednesday (+ a few extra words)


Today we have to say goodbye to Brigitte. 
The best gymnastics coach EVER. 
We found out 2 weeks ago that she and her family are moving to MI.
  I am heartbroken because she is the
who has
 been so positive and so supportive. 
Makes me wanna cry.

BUT we have to wish her well because we LOVE her.

Hailey made a beautiful scrapbook page for her. 
(all of the optional girls are putting together a scrapbook for her)
As she was working she said,
"I want this to be REALLY good because I don't want her to forget me." 
Made me tear up a little beacause
you have to be REAL speacial to make an impression on that Hailey girl.

So there you go.  Today is a GOODBYE day.
Goodbye to Brigitte and goodbye to summer.   Cause school starts tomorrow!

(Brigitte is also a photographer and she took that photo of my girl up there!)

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