Friday, August 26, 2011

Share Shmare

My middle littles seem to have learned to
beg, sneak, borrow, and...well...fight better those others.
I thought having 4 kids would mean no one in the middle...
no ONE in particular who gets ignored regularly.
But instead, it actually means I have two in the middle.
(and yes there are usually at least 2 kids in this house not getting enough attention.)
When I say FIGHT I really mean fight for what she/he wants or needs.
At least that how it goes around here.
But on the flip side...the middle littles have learned to share well.
Maddy will share almost anything she owns
and she rarely complains about it.
In fact, when I wanna take a bite of someone's icecream,
I usually go for hers because that means the least amount of fallout.
(try to take hailey's and you will lose a body part.
take finn's and he will guilt you to death.
take stella's and she will make her mean face and say, "well that's just rude.")
So....Maddy's icecream it is.
Dang it.
Guess I will have to get my own from now on.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hello hello hello my friend. Oh you had me with your story. Missing body parts is it...gosh I'm lol and rolling of the chair here.
I'm sooo glad that I don't like icecream. So whenever I'm over at your place I"ll be darn fine. ;-)))

Keep those stories coming girl, I'm up for them. Always.
Thanks for still following me. I've been a bratt for far to long. But I'm back and it feels like coming home thanks to you.
Hugs D.

Daricia said...

dulce de leche will make even the most generous soul stingy! haha...go, maddy! i love that stuff, too. and sticky toffee pudding...have y'all had that? yummmeee.