Monday, August 1, 2011

Meatless Monday

For today's meatless Monday meal, we had veggie burgers. I had a Sunshine burger with lettuce, vegan mayo, avacado, red onion and a little Daiya cheese. SO good. BUT the even BETTER (way more fattening) version of a veggie burger is what I served the rest of those people in my house.

I just get the potato pancakes from the grocery store..freezer section. (Trader Joe's version is my fave.) Cook those up (usually with lots of cheese melted on them) and add favorite toppings. Hailey's favorite potato burger consists of two potato cakes, cheddar cheese, sundried tomato spread, lettuce, sprouts and a seasame seed bun. We didn't have sprouts OR sundried tomato spread so she tried something new. Potato cakes, cheddar, lettuce, avacado and a little spicy mustard. SHE LOVED IT.
(Ok Blogger is making me mad today. It won't let me move pix around OR highlight words for links. SOO I can't link or add my last photo. Oh well. I will try to fix it later.)

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