Monday, November 7, 2011

Best and Worst

Every time we all sit down to a meal together, we do a round of "Best and Worst". Each family member states his/her best and worst part of the day.  We do it every time we have a sit-down-family-dinner at our house and all visitors MUST participate.  (not really but stell can really put the pressure on) 
I finally remembered to write down responses.  So here ya go...our bests and worsts from yesterday...

Stella (she ALWAYS goes first) 
best- I got to sleep at Chuck's and I got to sleep in Chuck's bed.  I slept with Maddy for a while but then I woke up and went to Chuck's bed. 
worst- I felt like I was gonna throw up today but I didn't throw up. But I felt like I was going to throw up.

best- Watching Maddy's game and watching her score with her left foot
worst- My computer is messing up...Photoshop is messing up and I'm really stressed about that.

best- That I got to go shopping with Dadoo and Sandy and I got some cool stuff
worst- I have to go to school tomorrow.

best- Waking up to Stella's face cause she crawled in my bed!  AND Maddy's game.  She played a good game.
worst-  I don't really have a worst today.

best- Hanging out with CC today. Just chillin.
worst- I have lots of homework

best- Watching Maddy score
worst- Watching Melissa score (our goalie scored a goal for the otha team.  not pretty. she caught the ball and then dropped it and then somehow hit it in with her knee.  we could have won 1-0 but instead....we tied. oh well!  bet it was her worst of the day too!!)

best- I broke my scoring drought!
worst- Watching Melissa score and having to finish my project

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Daricia said...

aww...i love reading those! and i try to remember what it was like to all eat together at the table. jeez, i dont even know when we did that last!