Saturday, November 12, 2011


(the photos you are about to see are part of the collection of outtakes from my ODS photoshoot.  i'll call this little girlie, Blondie.  i choose to call her Blondie because it's the only name i can come up with to suit her sassy little personality.  her real name is perfect for her, but alas, i must protect her identity.)

So here is Blondie.

Here is Blondie with her BFF.  Having a grand ole time.
But Blondie decides to hop off the blue doggie rocker and go do something else for a minute.

While she's away, BFF finds someone else to play with. 
And THEY starting having a grand ole time.

Blondie returns...and the photos tell the rest of the story...

(i really wish i could have heard what she was saying.)
This is where I drop my camera and rush to make sure Pinkie up there doesn't get thrown in the dust.
Luckily, Blondie see me coming, runs away for a minute and turns to give me
THIS sneaky little smile....

Oh yeah, Blondie. 
 I saw  ya. 
 And you are totally BUSTED. 

(I freakin LOVE Blondie)

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