Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yesterday, I sat down to go through older photo files.  I pulled up the file from Stella's birthday party and was shocked to realize I hadn't seen those photos yet!!  As I was looking through them, I kept thinking, "I don't remember taking that...Why have't I seen these???"
I finally realized I DIDN'T TAKE ANY OF THEM.  Hailey was my photographer that day! 
It was so awesome to see the party from her perspective.   So here is a bit of Stella's 5th Birthday Dress-Up Party. Hailey style.

Thank you Hailo!


Amy Lou said...

Love seeing it thru H's eyes....2 things - LOVE the shot of Mad on the playground equipment...and what were you thinking looking at M? I can't tell if that's a "uh huh" kind of look or what.....

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohhhh tooo sweet. Hailey you've done one great job here. You've got after you moms when it come working behind the lens my dear.
Keep it up, it's sooo much fun.
Thanks for sharing them.
Hugs and byes Dagmar

Pat said...

Great work, guest Hailey. Come again soon.

Kylie said...

I love these! I really love the picture of her looking down on her boots.
I love the one of Stell and Via too. :-)
(Kylie is just now barely fitting into a pair of boots that you passed onto us, and LOVES them! Jaden is of course pea green because they came from you know who!)