Friday, November 11, 2011

Undercurrents with Love

Something is brewing around here.  I'm not quite sure what it is...but I like it. 

It all started a while back when I read A New Earth by Tolle. (yeah. it seems like i mention that book a lot.)   All of these spiritual/religious thoughts had been swirling in my brain for a while and that book somehow helped me to start sorting through them in a much less-judgment-more-love-kind of  way.  That book was huge in my life several years ago. It connected me with almost strangers who were really informants with invisible wings. I am forever grateful for the months we discussed that book (and life...).

So since that time, I have read many other inspiring books.  The most recents: The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz and Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss.  Both of those made sense to me BECAUSE of the Tolle book. 

After reading and cramming and compiling all that I learned, I started trying to share bits of knowledge with the littles.  In little ways.  In little stories.  Things I believe to be true.  Not like preaching, more like teaching by example...stating why I think things happen and why I think God works the way God works.  That love is EVERYTHING and the only thing worth anything. I tell them that I still think love saves the whole dang planet    While I never pretend to know everything, I do let them know that their BELIEFS are the most important things they have.  What you believe  will RULE your life.

Lately, I have heard about and/or had conversations with the kids that have freaked me out a little.  It's really interesting to hear what they BELIEVE right now.  But also really awesome.

Maddy-  "Mom we had a talk in class the other day.  We were talking about Religions.  Our teacher was telling us that some some people believe that God's job is to keep a balance in the Universe.  Yin and Yang.  It made me think of you.  You are always telling us to 'find your balance'.  I agree with you.  I think that there is an up and down to everything.  I think life is about finding your balance.  And I have to pray a lot to find mine."

Sweet angel babyface.

Finn- (finn didn't know this BUT before we had the convo below, i had been doing another meditation experiment.  i had been trying to visualize what the energy of love would look like coming out of a person's body.  like i would try to have a warm, shiny aura full of love when i was with the kids.  esp finn.  he was getting on my nerves because he was very needy and i knew all he needed was love and attention.  so i decided to constantly visualize what love would look like ..and feel like coming out of my body and wrapping him up.  i pictured a yellowish bubble full of warm light.  weird.  i know. but not as strange as what the boy said to me a few days  after that.)

F- I feel like I'm getting sick.
M- Tell yourself NOT to get sick.
F-  I know.  I am.  I don't want to get sick.
M- I'm surprised I haven't gotten sick.  So much is going around and I have not been getting enough sleep. 
F-  Well.  I don't know if you know this or not...cause i can see things some people can't....but you sort of have this force field of love that surrounds you and I'm pretty sure it keeps you healthy.

I almost wrecked the car.  FREAKED.ME.OUT.

Stella- (talking to her favorite boy cousin)

S-  I was made to be good.  And happy.
D- That's profound. Not many people know that.
S-  You and me know that.

I sure hope that Stella knows that her WHOLE life.  She was made to be happy and good and fun and loving.  AND to find her way to help put a little more balance and love in this world. 

M- Your dad thinks Finn might have the best self-esteem of anyone in our family.  What do you think?
H- Maybe.  Or maybe me now.  Not when I was little.  But I think I do now.   Who do you think?
M- I was going to say you. 
(what's funny is that both Finn and Maddy would say themselves.  Just didn't know Hailey would.  :)
Sweet babes. 

I am so grateful.  I pray hard to teach them all they need to know to grow the way there are supposed to grow.  I never, in a million  years, imagined all they would have to teach me. 

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