Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things. Damn FB.

I thought and thought about what to include in this stupid "25 Things" on the Crack Book. I would write something, delete it, write something else...think about it... I finally decided to just write whatever popped into my head. Don't you know I have been stressing out about it since I posted it?? I mean, who really cares. These are just people that I haven't seen in 20 years that I totally want to impress by letting them know how great I've turned out. HAAA. Anyway, here is what I came up with. I would really like to have a "do over" so I may write a new one for my blog. Until then, here is the CB one.

1. When I was in 4th grade I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.
2. When I was in college I had to write out my "life plan" and choose a "commitment" to write down and share. I wrote that I would dedicate my life to the education of young children. I also shared that I really wanted to have at least 4 kids.
3. I have 4 kids and I am still teaching young children.
4. I took a break from teaching and was a stay at home mom for 6 years.
5. Even though I am almost 40 years old, I still feel like a child around my Daddy.
6. I don't really believe in divorce, and I'm divorced.
7. I am convinced that I have been on this earth before and that I was an African American woman...possibly a slave... who was subject to much racism. Not kidding.
8. Teaching wears me out.
9. I keep going back to teaching not because I feel I have soo much to teach, but because I have so much to learn from these little angels that grace me with their presence every day.
10. I love photography. Love love love it.
11. I hope to be a full time photographer one of these days.
12. I worry a lot about what being a full time photographer will do to my know... about teaching young children.
13. My Honey is 13 years younger than I am and I am still trying to be okay with that.
14. Often I think that young Honey of mine is a better parent that I am...okay maybe not OFTEN but sometimes.
15. I get along really well with my ex husband. He hangs out with us a lot and I am convinced that is really good for our kids.
16. I still worry all the time about how divorce will affect my kids when they are in relationships of their own. Mostly because I am a child of divorce and I'm divorced.
17. I don't like cold weather at all. I try to enjoy the brisk, clean, air...but If I appear to be enjoying it, I am probably faking it.
18. My Dad worked for Eastern Airlines for many years and I got to travel a lot when I was little.
19. I can't stand not being able to travel much anymore...I desperately want my kids to be able to see the world.
20. I wonder all the time What Jesus Would Actually Do and I really don't believe he would be NEARLY as judgmental as most of us here on earth tend to be.
21. I have been a vegetarian for about 9 months now and I don't think I will ever eat meat again. I am hoping to go vegan one day.
22. I love to eat out. LOVE IT.
23. I still feel really sad when my kids leave to go to their Dad's house and I still get really happy when they come home.(I may be ready to ship them off again after a few hours...but I love it when they come home.
24. When I argue with my kids, it upsets me WAY worse than it does them even though I don't show it.
25. I really dread turning 40 this year but If I had the choice to go back to age 20....I wouldn't do it. I am sooo much happier now.


katherine kennedy said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled down some more, and finally I found your 25 things! YAY!
I loved reading this! Your answers are great! Writing what pops into your head is the best way to do it.
You sound like such a cool, down to earth person. Glad to get to know more about you!
(PS I saw you took an online art class. How did you like it? What class is it? how did you find it?
xo Shell