Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boy was interrupted!

Poor Boy was fighting off this tummy bug pretty well...or so we thought. He started having some trouble last Wednesday when he woke up and threw up. He perked up and seemed fine the next day. A day or so later, he threw up again. Next day seemed fine...went to school...all was ok. Then he started having mild diarrhea over the weekend. Monday he woke up early and threw up AND had diarrhea...only this didn't stop. By late afternoon he was seeing double and had to be carried to the bathroom. I took him to the doctor at 4:30 and by 5:30 we were already checked in to a room in the hospital. He had to stay there for two nights. He was dehydrated and would NOT eat. He was a sick sick little guy. He didn't much care for the iv they stuck in his little hand. HATED it in fact. But he hung in there and took his meds without complaining too much. The doctors there were awesome. There was a whole Grey's Anatomy looking swat team looking after him and they were all gorgeous...just like on tv!! He was very well taken care of. When we got home today, he received an envelope from his class. Each child made a card for him. He was really happy about that.

As for me...I am just glad it's over and I am glad we are all home.

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