Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coach Tom

My kids play sports for the Y. At least while they are the learning their sport of choice anyway. In our experiences, we have had some GREAT coaches, some OK coaches and a coach or two that was barely adequate.
Finn has had the BEST coaches so far. He just finished his second season of basketball...ever....and we thought his coach was great. I had just told my Mom that I thought he was really good, really understood the kids, and seemed to really care about TEACHING the kids how to play. Then we got an email from him. And I knew I was right. SOO sweet. Here is what he had to say about the team...and of boy.

Max-Always competitive, quiet and confident. He always did exactly what I
asked. He will be a great player.

Grant-Thanked me after every practice and every game. He came so far Julie,
you should really be proud of him.

John Thomas-Made me laugh with his questions. Half way through the season
when I said "Are there any questions?" he asked "How many more games are
there." By the end of the year he was shooting, dribbling more and really
got into the game. He is a great kid.

Finn-- Small in stature but a huge heart. He played great defense, cheered
on all of his teammates and ALWAYS had a smile on his face. He was a
pleasure to have every week.

Charlie-Made me laugh. ENERGY! He was why we started the practices getting
"our wiggles out" by running. He really played well. I hope he sticks with
it. I think he has great potential. Thank you to both of his parents for
the kind words and support.

Luke-Timid at first but wasn't afraid to shoot at the end of the season. He
played great defense and always smiling.

Bryan-My boy! I love you buddy. I know it isn't always easy being the
coaches son but you were great, played great, and I was very proud of you.

Will-I have never seen a child so anxious to play. Always ready to bring
the ball down the floor. And for all of his hard work-SCORED IN OUR LAST
GAME. I am proud of you for working so hard and improving.

Spencer-Great kid! He really improved and I could always count on him to be
listening when nobody else was. He was so close to scoring in the last
game. I know, if he comes back, he will score next season. Thank you to
his father for his continued support and for working so hard with him. You
were great.

Baylor-Man what an improvement! He was so good the last couple of games. I
struggled to know if he was having fun during the games but he always seemed
happy after. He is a great kid.

Thank you all again for sharing your kids and your time.

I hope to see you all around the other fields and back on the courts.

Coach Tom

I could get really emotional about this if I let myself. I really appreciate anyone taking the time to get to know my kids. It's especially nice when they focus on the positives! Made me remember just how important it is to TEACH. Because i believe that a really good teacher acts a lot like a really good coach.

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