Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday evenings are so nice in the summertime. No one is stressed about going back to school the next morning. No need to feel rushed. No worries.

Tonight, Finn and Stella and I all played with bubbles on the back deck. As I watched the bubbles float up and up and up, I thought about many things.

1. I wondered what it would be like to feel weightless and free. That is always a nice thought.
I have always envied anything that can fly. When I was very young, I got to travel a lot. I
loved being in an airplane. My Daddy used to say, "You are doing something up here that no
one down there can do." Flying was sooo much fun when I was a child. I still love it, I just
don't have the chance very often anymore.

2. I then thought about the shape of the bubbles. I love circles. Perfectly round. Never ending.
Cycle of life. I then made a mental list of circles I love: bubbles,eyes, m&ms, coins, buttons, beads,
clocks, perfect little scoops of ice cream, tea cups, fine china, sunflowers, daisies, and round
kissy lips.

3. My thoughts drifted on and I started to think about how far a bubble can travel before it pops. I wonder if a bubble has ever floated a mile or more. I tried to pick a bubble in each batch to follow until it popped. Some of them vanished so far up in the sky that I couldn't tell if they popped or if they were still there but just out of sight.

A busy weekend, but a great Sunday night.
A wonderful end to a wonderful week. So far, 40 looks very promising!


kendalee said...

What lovely pictures and Sunday evening musings! Bubbles are so amazing - so simple, but so miraculous really - that something so delicate can exits at all, however briefly. I LOVE them.

In a group I facilitated recently, I gave out small bottles of bubbles to all the participants. During the breaks I was delighted to see even grown men (otherwise very serious in their suits and ties) blowing bubbles and laughing at them! I wish I'd been able to sneak a picture - it was priceless.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh we are so alike. I love to fly too (and everything that does). Even have lots of dreams I realy do fly.. And it's heavenly.

Are you going on 40 this year? Me too!

So bubbles are one of the things that connects us, just don't pop jet Suzy. Take a while during your flight...