Thursday, June 11, 2009

the safety of souls

As I mentioned before, we are celebrating many endings this year. Here is Maddy (far left) celebrating after her 5th grade graduation. Oh how that child has transformed this year. At the beginning of the year she refused to wear girl's clothes. By the end, she was asking for a dress for her 5th grade celebration.

I took her to a pool party right after that she could party with all of the other graduates. The party was held at the home of one of her friends (who happens to be a boy) and she was one of the few girls in attendance. When the party ended and I went to retrieve her, I saw something that made me laugh. Hard. As I wheeled into the driveway I noticed this little girl in a bikini running around with a basketball. She "juked" a few boys and managed to do a layup... and make it...while a mass of dark hair flooded the air. I thought it was soo cute and funny and then the kid turned as I got closer. And of course, it was Maddy! There she was smacking high fives with two girls who were watching through hysterical fits of laughter. I had a pretty good laugh too.

Then I thought...thank God. She's still here. She may be sporting a cute girly bikini these days but she can still beat the boys at basketball!!!

Later that day I noticed that she was wrecklessly gnawing on a water balloon! (Not unMaddylike at all) I said, "Mad, that is NOT safe. Get that water balloon out of your mouth!" And her response???

"MOM! I am safe. I'm safe in my soul!!!" Followed by a look of frustration. And then a huge smile.

And she meant it. She put the water balloon down and danced off down the hall.
And my soul felt safe too. I really like that kid. I hope she always finds a way to feel safe in her soul. Cause it doesn't get much better than that!

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Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh dear Maddy, you give me the shivers (in a good way that is). Be safe all the time. Because your moms writing I also fell in love with 'you'. And man would I love to see you beat up all the boys with basketbal....;-)

Suzy it's great to see that you see how blessed you are. You're making my day...Hugs.