Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's finally starting to feel like summer! I have been to school to work and clean so many days during my "vacation" that I didn't really feel like I was on summer break until this week. My first somewhat lazy day! (Minus taking H to gym and taking M to get an xray of her wrist. Not broken thank goodness.)

This morning I got to watch the rain for a while. I wrote before about my relationship with rain. When the rains fall in the winter, I feel those tiny droplets use their icy little fingers to dig deep down into my bones. Then they seem to take root and spread until my whole body feels cold and damp. For this reason, I only like rain in the summer.

For three seasons out of the year I could live without it all together but for some reason, in the summer, the rain feels clean and refreshing. It settles the pollen a little and gives the green a nice little drink. In the summer I say...let the rain dance on the pavement and cool this place down! Let's sleep late and stay in our pjs until noon.

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kendalee said...

I agree!! Summer rain's a delight. The rest of that cold, grey, damp stuff I could happily do without... And yay for pjs until noon - happy summer holiday to you! :)