Friday, June 19, 2009


Maddy has been asking to have a sleepover in my room for quite some time. Last night we finally did it! We cuddlebugged and talked and laughed AND we even watched part of GREASE on VH1!

In the morning, I had to leave to run some errands and I left my little angel sleeping. I left her a note to let her know when I'd be back...and Stella left her doll to keep her company.:0)


Anonymous said...

oh that was so sweet! i love it when my kids come into our bed for snuggles. sleepovers - now that's something we havent done yet.

kendalee said...

Sleepovers are such fun at any age aren't they? And a sleepover that includes even a part of Grease... Perfect! I love that Stella left her doll - so sweet.

So delighted you're coming to the picnic! Will you bring the children? We already have some dogs coming along to play... :)