Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog Envy

I have only been about halfway around the blog block at this point. So tell me, is there such a thing as "blog envy"? I'm sure I cannot be the first. There are many blogs that I adore and frequent quite often but only one that I am kind of in awe of. It's called Curious Girl. The woman who posts there is a photo enthusiast and her photos are great...but that's not even where the envy comes's her ability to remain positive and creative all at the same time! You feel nothing but peace and serenity when you view her blog. She posts the coolest pictures and asks the greatest questions. She was featured in Artful Blogger last month and that is where I learned about her. My latest fav was a picture of a beautiful chandelier with lots of rich sparkly colors. The photo was simply this lovely chandelier and a plain white background. It was titled her "Curious Room" and the question was, "What would you put in this room if you could put anything in it? What would you add?" HOW FLIPPIN COOL IS THAT? Makes me wanna sit around and daydream. Makes me want to draw and paint and love and laugh. I LOVE THAT BLOG!!!!!!!!!

You can check it out at

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