Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joint Custody.

Let me just say it, JOINT CUSTODY SUCKS. I am really missing my kids today. I am very emotional and I miss them terribly. I got to see Finn and Maddy at her soccer game (H was at gym of course) and it was so hot at the game that I was really grumpy. I mean really grumpy.

I fussed at Finn for not leaving Stella alone. I kept yelling at Maddy to go after the ball (like one of those crazyass competitive parents) and she was playing in almost 90 degree weather for goodness sakes. She was burning up. I fussed at my Mom for getting Stella poptarts out of the snack machine at the Y and I should have kept my mouth shut cause she kept the little pumkin entertained for a good 3o min.

I got home and tried to think about why my mood was so bad. I still don't know exactly why but I started thinking about the fact that I never really get to see them much on the weekends and then I started to cry. Our school week is soooo hectic. I get them up and dressed and fed each morning and then I fly out the door. At the end of my school day, I fly out of school, pick them all up from school by 4, rush home for snacks, then get back in the car to take H to gym. We get home by about 5:30 and then I remind them (or fuss at them) to do their homework. (For the record, this elementary school teacher HATES homework! Don't understand why parents ask for more. Kills me.) Then I have to fix dinner. Kids have to be in bed by 8:30. I try to fit some "quality time" in there but it's difficult.

Then their Dad swoops in and gets to have them for the weekend. All fun, sleep late, eat-poptarts-and-have-a-coke-for-breakfast Dad. It's not fair. He is going out of town next weekend and I get them all weekend. I can't wait!! Cause joint custody SUCKS.

In the Ex's defense, he has said that I can have them some weekend nights...but the kids are finally in a routine and it's hard to get them...well hard to get Finn...out of the routine. Finn wants his Daddy time soo bad. Not sure how he will do next weekend without him...but I will be soo happy to have my little guy home. Sweet boy. He's growing up too fast too. I will have to write about him next. I have talked about my girls a lot...but he is a little angel from heaven too. So glad I have him. He balances out all the dang hormones around here!

Goodnight little babes. I miss you so much.

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