Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinner at our house...

As we were all sitting down to eat, Maddy had a lovely blog idea. She said I should take pictures of the way we all eat in our house.

Mom...going vegan has mixed veggies and chickpeas in a mild curry sauce with rice, Maddy starting to shy away from meat has a cheesy backed potato and a small taste of mom's, Stella the vegetarian has a bagel with butter and honey (cause that's what she asked for), and Finn the meat eater devours a hotdog. So here is what dinner looks like at our house. 4 different meals to please all tastes. DO YA SEE WHY I LIKE TO EAT OUT?????

Hailey and Nick weren't here but Hailey is a veggie also and Nick fits into the meat eater variety along with Finn. Out our choices, Hailey would have had the cheesy baked potato and Nick would have had 2 hotdogs with an extra cheesy baked potato on the side!

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