Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

Well, It is earth day so I supposed I could start there....

I was totally happy with the weather today. Warm and breezy, yet cool with puffy clouds. Very cool day to be outside on Earth Day.

I am coming up on a year of NO MEAT. I never really thought I could do it when I decided to quit eating meat a year (or so) ago, and today, while talking about organic foods and buying locally, I felt quite proud of myself. Some people could care less about whether or not they eat meat, but today I had a cool feeling like....HA! I have done something pretty good for the environment! So THERE. (I'm not the best at reuse and recycle. getting better at reusing. trying to recycle more. But I no longer support animal farms and all of the yuck stuff they do to the environment.)

I started walking two days ago....again. I'm a seasonal walker. Today I am very happy to walk in the great weather. Perfect for walking without getting hot.

I was happy that I was able to stand up for someone I love today. Our office admin. was making comments about a child with "separation issues". She said that these issues happen when MOM keeps children too close and attached. I quickly (and I mean fast people) told her that it was actually a disorder that some children have. A chemical thing that has NOTHING to do with an "attachment" Mom. I told her very quickly that often attachment parenting is the only thing that makes life better for kids who are really scared and worried about life most of the time. Attachment parenting is basically used to build trust that will allow children to be independent...not attached for the rest of their lives. I explained that sometimes children grow out of these fears and other times a child will need medication for it. Gave her a brief history on my daughter. I told her that often children who get called "shy" and "spoiled" often have a disorder. I also told her where she could read up on it. (you case she didn't believe my ranting and raving.)

I also feel happy because I have no remorse for kind of telling our office admin off. I was very nice about it, but if you know my office know she will probably hold it against me for a while. And I am OK with that. Cause she's wrong...about a lot of stuff...but I still love her.

I am happy that Stell had a short nap and will go to bed a little early. HAHA. Is that terrible gratitude??

I am glad that I am at home. ON my couch. Relaxing. Yay!

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Jen Hunter said...

Thank you so much for this Suzy...I am wondering if it was my sweet child...if it wasn't today, then it could have been her on any other given day.
I also had a similar conversation with her a while ago, but mine ended up with me in tears which I'm sure justified her point! ha! Oh well...<3