Sunday, April 5, 2009

A day out!

Today I got to go out by myself for a while! I was so excited to get some time to myself, but Stella didn't want me to leave! She looked so pitiful standing at the door that I had to pull out the camera. She was ok minutes after I left. And so was I!

I went to school to feed the tadpoles (had to take care of business first) and then I went to the book store. I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble so I went there to look at some books and magazines. I ended up finding a great book on Photoshop so I bought it!

I am finally going to learn how to use Photoshop! YAY!

I then went to meet my best friend for lunch. She works at a restaurant in town and we were able to eat together because her shift was ending. She is crazy. Seriously crazy. I will post pix of her next.

Here is my "sad don't leave me mama" Stella shot.

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