Monday, April 6, 2009

When in doubt...paint. When your down...paint. When your happy...paint!!!!

Today was a great day! It was our first official day of Spring Break. It rained a little this morning but turned out to be a beautiful day. I managed to get a lot of cleaning done this morning........and then..........when children complained of boredom.........out came the paints. Maddy and Anna were the first to dive in. They both painted pictures for me. Yay!

When Nick got home, he was in a bad mood, so I made him paint.

When the neighbors came over, they were tired from school and needed a paint break.

See...everybody needs to paint once in a while.

I am finally done with my first girl!! I wasn't happy with the flowers she was holding because they didn't really work with the flowers in the I decided to have her hold a snail instead. I think I'm happy with her. Not sure. I am happy to have finished her though.

"If you hear a voice inside you say, 'You are not a painter', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
Vincent Van Gogh

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gman's_mom said...

Love your first girl! You did a great job! You go painter, teacher and awesome woman!