Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Here is one of the reasons I love eating at Charley's. When I get there, as soon as Cacee sees me, she brings me little plates of goodies. Whatever they have that she knows I like. One of my favorite things is the salad with blue cheese dressing. She also brings me a coke...full of ice... in a "to go" cup. Another thing I love. Can't stand coke in a glass....gross. Has to be in a plastic cup...or...hate to say it...styrofoam cup. I don't BUY styrofoam's horrible for the environment...but if the restaurant has them...I will drink out of them. Then I reuse, reuse, and reuse it. So it's ok. (that's what i'm telling myself anyway)

Here is the view from the nice little table where I camped out for an hour....

And here's Cacee!!!

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