Thursday, June 10, 2010

a BLOG i love to visit

DRUNK LOVE HEART posted this poem recently. I love it. For many reasons. I have always wanted to be a poet. Secret is...I do write poems. Lots of them. I just don't let anybody read them!! They stay safe in hidden journals.

BUT HERS....she posts often. And I love them all.


If you can relate a little bit to the color of dirt at sunset
Or the taste of air under the dampened moon
If you can fall into a body of water and shed a tear -
For the endless work of waves
Or the tireless pursuit of wind

Then you are a poet.

If you pause when sun slips behind a winter cloud
Or laugh at the rope, you swore was a snake
If your heart leaps and your stomach falls for any reason whatsoever

Or no reason

Then you are a poet.

If you have ever wondered how your skin came to be your skin

Or your brain - your mind, your eyes - your sight,
your wounds - your gift

Then you are a poet.

Better yet,


(written by the wonderful akka b. at drunk love heart)

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