Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am really wanting to write about my Daddy today. The only problem is...I have no idea where to begin. Tears are welling already.

I think I'll just make a list of important things I have learned from him.

I learned...

1. that children are great! and all of his grandchildren seem to be particularly smart, witty, funny, and talented.

2. that super heroes are real.

3. to take LOTS of pictures and to always have your camera.

4. you don't really need all that much to survive.

5. you can love every team in the ACC if you want to...but NorthCarolina is number 1.

6. the love of travel.

7. the love of theater.

8. how to laugh really hard.

9. how to fly like peter pan.

10. how to dream really big.

11. how to play.

12. how to make breakfast...cheese eggs, cheese toast, and cheese grits.

13. to always wear lots of sunscreen.

14. how to spend money. (he spends very little...but told me on more than one occasion, "money's for spendin. not for savin." hahahaa)

15. how to have faith.

16. all about ducks. dad has his own special "duck theory" for sure.

Thank you Daddy. I love you.


curious girl (lisa) said...

what a great daddy!

gman's_mom said...

Great post Suzzzzzz. Here's to great dad's and even better...great daddies! (((Hugs)))