Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My oldest child has always been a serious collector. Rocks were her first obsession. When she was a tiny little girl, she used to love to dig around in the dirt and find little treasures. Once she found her first sparkly crystal-like rock, she was hooked. Shiny rocks are like gold you know.

As she grew a little older, she developed a love for turtles. Especially sea turtles. Dogs and cats scared my little timid girl but turtles were just her speed. And she could admire them from a safe secure distance.
She now has over 30 little miniature turtles and more stuffed turtles than I can count. But she's been slowly growing out of the turtle phase for a while now. Just like the rocks, she's moving on to other interesting things.

I thought maybe she'd given up on collections all together, until Stella started sneaking into her room and stashing some booty of her own under a blanket on the couch....

When I pulled back the covers to see what the littlest pirate had taken, I realized...that oldest one...she's still a collector all right. Now...it's nail polish. *heavy sigh*

(As for that little one...her collection days are JUST beginning. :)


nix4duke said...

it will be easy for her to "collect" bunches of treasure from all over the house! ha!

LifeIsArt said...

yep. next it will be finn's favorite legos or some other incredibly important goody.

...hope she stays outta my jewelry.