Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 things that make me happy right now...

1. My new fluffy kitty named Lulu
2. My new job title for next year....which includes the term, "part-time position"!! WOOHOO! I get to teach literacy to children in small groups. In a small room. With very little noise. I stepped out of my full-time classroom teacher position to teach part-time. Title 1 Intervention Specialist. SOOO excited. Might actually see my own kids during the week now.
3. Iced tea. Half sweet/half unsweet
4. Summer time. Ate outside in 92 degree weather today. Didn't even feel too hot. Loved it.
5. Summer storms
6. My bed
7. My kids excitement over ending the school year
8. My Nick
9. My clean house
10. Stella's tangled, curly, fluffy hair

1 comment:

Barefoot from Heaven said...

show us your #8 in some adorable pics....

And congrats with the big step into the smaller world of the little ones. You'll be doing well.
Don't forget to enjoy the birds sing you a serenade...

Have a happy sunday sweet lady.
Hugs D.