Friday, January 23, 2009

Baths with Bubbles

Stella loves her bubble baths. I am thankful for this for several reasons but the most important reason is that the poor babe gets very constipated and taking a bath, when she needs to go, seems to help tremendously. At first she won't sit down because she is trying desperately to NOT go because it hurts. (And as we all know, the sitting position makes us have to GO!) But eventually the bubbles will win her over and she will start to play and forget about her little (maybe I should say BIG) problem.

Today I put her in the bath because I knew she needed to go. I left the room for 2 seconds, I swear, and when I returned she said, "Mommy! Mommy!!" I looked down to see what she was soo excited about and there she was...with a big pile of her hand.
Gross. Wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but hey, the bath sure did work!
That kid was soo happy and proud of herself I just had to take her picture.

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