Monday, January 19, 2009

Will it snow????

The weather forecast says snow....but this is Charlotte, NC so I'm not counting on it!!
The sky definitely looks like snow. Here is the view outside my bedroom window.

I must really be getting old. I have never really liked cold weather but I am starting to really dislike the cold. And as for snow...I could totally live without it. A school day off would be great...until we had to make up that snow day...on one of my teacher workdays. Yep, I can totally live without it.

My poor kids don't even have appropriate clothing for snow. We just don't really plan for it around here.

I did LOVE snow when I was little though. I remember a few really good snow days. I remember how silent it could be when there was snow on the ground. No noise. No one outside, no cars on the streets. And because we rarely get snow, we used to do really goofy things like putting plastic bread bags over our shoes so we could keep our feet dry!!! How hilarious is that? My kids would rather die than put plastic bags on their feet. And we used to sled down hills on metal trash can lids! HA. Now I sound REALLY old. We didn't care how goofy we looked in the snow though. Then we would come in and strip down in front of the fire. If we were really lucky, we could have hot chocolate. Good times.

I guess a good snow day would be okay. As long as it doesn't stay too long! :)

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