Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maddy's Game

This little girl is SOMETHING ELSE on the bball court. I absolutely love to watch her play. I mean I fill up with pride ...and it often just chokes me up. This sport comes to her so naturally.
People come up to us often and complement how well she plays. Coaches ask to have her and she just plays for the Y!!! She is so talented in a sport that I knew NOTHING about until I was a cheerleader in middle school. Even then, I didn't know exactly what was going on half the time!! It was all a social event to to have a child that can really play is pretty cool. I have learned a ton from her about sports in general. Every time she plays a new sport, I suddenly want to know all about it.
Sometimes I look at her and I sort of feel like she came from another planet or something. Ha! Not really, but she certainly didn't get her skills from me!!! And you know...our daughters are supposed to be like us Moms right?? Sure. Actually we are a lot alike...just not the sports thing.
She is so good at bball and that is definitely her favorite but she is probably not going to be very tall. She is already so much shorter than the other girls her age...esp the basketball players her age! But she can definitely hold her own.

They lost today. They got fouled a bunch and the other players kept stealing the ball from them. I mean stealing the ball...coming up and taking it right out of their hands. Looked almost comedic. Sad and funny all at the same time. She does not like to lose. She kept talking about how she just wanted to hit somebody and start a fight. (I cannot imagine this kid EVER doing that but she sure was mad.) I had to give her my speech about that...the good sportsmanship, not if you win or lose, always keep your head up and play your best speech. She thought it was all a bunch of crap I think. Bless her heart. She was fired up.

Today was another example of how work and play seem to hold hands in the life of a child. Yin and Yang, dark and light. Present in EVERYTHING we do. You sure can learn a lot out there on the court. And on the side lines. :)

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