Thursday, January 1, 2009

photo #3

Maddy in the middle. My only middle child for 8 years. (She now shares that spot with her little brother.) She tries desperately to make everyone happy. She has even started to model for me every now and then. She hates candid pictures of herself. She only likes to see herself with her well prepared grin. SO, I have been teaching her how to model and pose. She still doesn't like the same images I like, but she does it because she wants to please me and I take full advantage of that. Sweet girl. I think she is beautiful and I find that I get much more of her true personality when I ask her to model something for me. Today, it was a magician's hat.

I don't like the harsh light from my camera's built-in flash and I was too lazy to put on my big ole bounce flash, so I played around with the built-in by diffusing it in various ways. I liked the look on her face in this one. She looks like she might be up to something....and she often IS up to something. :)

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