Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Madness

I am really shocked that it's been so many days since I've written. We are, however, in the middle of birthday madness around here. Maddy turned 11 on Thursday and Hailey turns 14 tomorrow. Dear Lord...I have a 14 year old. Kills me.

Unfortunately we sort of set ourselves up for a week of total chaos. This craziness all started when Hailey was about 5 ...I think. Each girl gets a party and a birthday dinner at the restaurant of her choice. It's really my stepdad's fault for starting this tradition when they were so young. Anyway, usually it's one whole week of bday hell. Sometimes it spills over in to the next week as well since you can't always do two parties in the same weekend.

This year, those sweet little girls decided that they didn't really want parties (OMG they are growing up too fast) and they decided that they would both like to go to the same place for dinner!! They actually agreed to have one big joint bday dinner. THANK GOD!!

And the best part...they decided to go to my all time favorite restaurant in the whole wide world. Sweet little girls. The birthday madness is basically over and it was quite painless.

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