Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday!!

I actually had a really good day. Wednesdays aren't my favorite ya know. Today I give thanks for the following:

1. I did not yell at anybody today. Not even close. I don't think I got irritated with a single child today. Yippeee!

2. On our way home, Stella exclaimed, "ME HAPPYYYY!!" And of course that made me feel happy deep down in my heart.

3. I am at home right now. Sitting on my couch in front of my computer with no where to go for the next couple of hours.

4. I painted the face on my new "girl" today. I am taking this online class called "Mixed Media Girls" by Wyanne Thompson and I love it. My girl is looking okay. I am pretty excited about it.

5. Nick is using his new ipod touch to play music throughout the house. He is picking up satellite stations that he knows I like. :)

6. Hailey feels good today.

7. Maddy and Finn are working on writing and performing songs together. How cute is that??

8. Nick just found Tori Amos on one of his stations. OH MY GOD I LOVE HER. And the song is from Great Expectations. I love that song a little extra.

9. My head hasn't hurt today. Not once!

10. I remembered to order Hailey's contacts today!

I thought of 10 things. I am really happy that I thought of 10 things.

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gman's_mom said...

Yopu are awesome Ms Suzy! We love you...and Tori Amos! hahahahaaa Have a great rest of the week.