Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Daddy is the best Grandpa in the whole world. Hands down. Just ask Stella. She adores him. All of my kids love my Daddy. (Yep I still call him Daddy) He truly enjoys these children of mine. Thank God. He comes every time I ask him for help. He seems truly glad to be able to help. Never seems irritated or stressed about watching my kids. Always does fun and exciting activities with them. He is the best. I love him a lot. One of these days I am going to have to tell him how great I think he is.

Now I have to back track here and tell you that I have always loved loved loved my Daddy. And all was great for the majority of my life. We got along great most of the time. And then I got divorced. He was not happy about that at all. I also got pregnant 3 mos before my divorce was final. He did not like that AT ALL. He literally did not come around much for a couple of years. He would go to see my kids when my exhusband had them on the weekends. He pretty much avoided me completely for a while...about 2 whole years I think. The night I went into labor with Stella, the out of wedlock baby, I called on Daddy to come and stay here with my older three while they slept because I went to the hospital close to midnight. He came right away. He came to see me in the hospital and he held the baby after a couple of weeks. Pretty normal for my Dad. It wasn't until Stella was old enough to really respond to him that things started to change. I think that's when the Divine Intervention started.

Stella fell in love with my Daddy. Love Love Love. She started running to him and holding her chubby little hands up. She would go bouncing over to him with her little curls just a bouncin saying "Up! Up!" Not a man (or woman) alive could resist that preciousness. She is really very cautious too. She doesn't just go to anybody...has to be someone pretty dang special. So...fairly quickly...he caved. He fell in love with her too. So he started being nicer to me. Started coming around more often. Started watching what a good daddy Nick is and even started talking to him. He actually even seems to like him now.

That little girl saved a relationship that was almost destroyed. I can't imagine a life without my Daddy. I think he would have come around eventually but you never know.

It still hurts my feelings to think back to when he was so disappointed in me. Many times I wanted to scream at him. I wanted to say..."You mean all it takes to ruin 36 years of a great father/daughter relationship is a damn divorce?? Are you kidding me???" I think that he must have thought I had an affair. Lots of people probably thought that. But hell, what if I HAD had an affair? Is that reason enough to end a relationship with your child? I can't imagine that. But who knows. I guess every situation is different and you can't possibly know what you would do until your in a similar situation yourself. I have thought about telling him that I didn't need the scarlet it would ease his mind. But I guess if he ever wants to know, he will ask.

Until then, I am just happy that we are on the mend. And that he is back to being the best Grandpa in the universe.

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