Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maddys computer

Maddy got a Mac for her birthday. Her Dad got it for her to share with her sister...yeah...sure. Her sister already has a laptop...it's just a Dell....but she is 14 and she doesn't have any interest in sharing with Maddy so....Mad lucked out. She LOVES her computer. She takes that thing everywhere she goes.

Nick and I were just watching some of her videos and SHE IS HILARIOUS! Oh my lordy we were laughing so hard. She and her cousin like to make videos when they are together. And let me say that 11-12 year old humor is ,in fact, so funny that it makes me wanna be that age again. I am not sure if we are raising a bunch of narcissists around here or not...but she has 213 pictures of herself making goofy faces. CRACKS ME UP.

Here is a photo that she took today.

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