Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Growing Pains

My little girls are growing up. Hailey is 14 and she has started to spread her wings a little. I was a little prepared for that. I knew it was coming. What I was NOT expecting is this recent change in my Maddy.

Maddy has always been a "tomboy". When she was 2 she used to wrestle with her Dad and play with cars as often as baby dolls. She has always played with boys in school. She got along well with girls and boys and was NEVER afraid of boys at all. When she was 2 we used to say she was going to be a line backer...and we weren't far off. She was the first girl to play flag football for the YMCA in our old neighborhood. She ran so fast that the other coaches used to yell, "WATCH THE GIRL!!!" (My dad wanted to have that quote printed on a t-shirt for her!) She got an award for being a great running back. (they all got awards...but still...)

So you get the picture. My tomboy loved to hang with the boys and ONLY wore boys clothes from the time she was 4. She got called a boy a lot, even though she has long gorgeous hair, and it didn't seem to bother her much. She did ask to get her ears pierced after getting called a boy by a teacher once. So she got the earrings ...but still nothing else "girly" allowed.

WELL....this year for her birthday....guess what she wanted? Girls clothes. We started with some girls jeans (not too "girly" of course). And then she asked to go to Aeropostle for some girl shirts. OMG. She looks so different now. She looks beautiful. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. My little girl is growing up.

Now she laughes and giggles on the phone for hours. She hangs out with her girlfriends and talks about the boys she likes.

I was NOT ready for that at ALL.

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