Monday, March 30, 2009

Ribbons Undone

This is one of my favorite songs in the world. When I first heard this song I immediately thought of Hailey. It didn't remind me of Maddy right away because Maddy would have knocked me out if I tried to put any kind of ribbon in her hair! When I heard the song for the first time I thought of so many things. How little girls often like to wear dresses and ribbons... but I have always had a problem with the "bow heads". The perfect little white smocked dresses with the big fat bows in the hair. Is that a precious look? Absolutely. But if my girl wears a white smocked dress, (cause i do love those..esp vintage ones) she is going to be able to wear it on the playground and get it all dirty while the loose little ribbon in her hair flies around in the wind. Anything she wears can get dirty.

The song however, is not about clothes...or ribbons. It's about girls growing up. They want to grow up and be "big" like Mommy. But there are times when they come home from school and fall apart because they are tired of trying to be "big". School/society puts a lot of pressure on little girls to be responsible and helpful. Early on, we train little girls to be caregivers. We ask for their "help" as soon as they are old enough to talk. As soon as a sibling is born, the big sister is expected to be "such a big a helper!". And while this can be a great can also be stressful.

Sometimes my 14 year old comes home and screams, "I am tired! I don't want to watch my little brother and sisters. I don't want to help clean the house. I don't wanna do my homework. I don't wanna go to the gym today!" She doesn't say it in those words exactly...she just falls apart. She cries or argues about something that normally wouldn't be something to argue about. And then I know. I know that, at least for today, my baby girl isn't quite ready to grow up. Sometimes she is soo responsible that I have to say, "Hey, why don't you take a day off and be a kid?" And I don't say it in those words either. I hug her and smooch on her and play with her hair...and act like her Mom. I tell her to have fun. Because she is still my little girl...and it is her time.

Today, my 11 year old came home after a long day at school. I asked her to do a couple of favors for her little sister. After that, her little brother asked her to help him on his skateboard. She found his helmet, got all of his gear together and took him out to help him a bit. When she came back in she asked me if she could go hang out in her room. SHE ASKED ME IF SHE COULD GO TO HER ROOM. I said, "Honey, go play. Go hang out in your room. Talk to your friends on the phone or do something you want to do." She said, "Thanks Masha! (Yep, I'm Masha) Do you want me to go play?" She had a big smile on her face. I said, "Yes sweetie." She asked why and I replied, "Cause it's your time sweet girl. It's your time to play."
As she flew out the door, let the storm door slam, and left the door wide open, I had a big smile on my face. And then I cried a little. Ribbons undone. Shine little girls. Shine.

Sing it Tori!

Ribbons Undone lyrics

She's a girl
Rising from a shell
Running to spring
It is her time it is her time
Watch her run with ribbons undone

She's a rose in a lily's cloak
She can hide her charms
It is her right there will be time
To chase the sun with ribbons undone

She runs like a fire does
Just picking up daises
Comes in for a landing
A pure flash of lightning
Past alice blue blossoms
You follow her laughter
And then she'll surprise you
Arms filled with lavender

Yes my little pony is growing up fast
She corrects me and says
"You mean a thoroughbred"
A look in her eyes says the battle's beginning
From school she comes home and cries
I don't want to grow up Mom at least not tonight

You're a girl
Rising from a shell
Running through spring
With summer's hand in reach now
It is your time
It is your time
So just run with ribbons undone
It is your time yes my angel
It is your time
So just run with ribbons undone

Run run darlin'
Ribbons undone


Jen Hunter said...

I never knew it would happen so fast...

gman's_mom said...

This made me cry....but not in a bad a mom kinda way. Hugs to you Suzy! You are an awesome woman, teacher, and last but definitely not least...masha! :)