Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woeful Wednesdays....

I don't know why I dislike Wednesdays so much. Most people enjoy the fact that it's the middle of the week...easy sailing after Wednesday. While I do appreciate that fact, I still manage to think all day's only WEDNESDAY???

So I decided to make a gratitude list for the day. Here goes...

1. We went to ImaginOn today. My class had a great time and there were no major problems along the way.

2. It's 81 degrees outside today. LOVE that.

3. My sister picked number 1 up from school and brought her home today. Gave me a nice little break!

4. My dad picked up 2 and 3 and still has them! They always come home in a good mood when they have been with GP.

5. Number 4 did not throw up today!

6. I did not have car duty at school today. YIPPEE!

7. My kitchen sink is clean. No dishes sitting in it!

8. Nick doesn't appear to be mad at me today.

9. My newphew got to Thailand all safe and sound!!!

10. I don't have too much school work to do tonight!

There it is. I probably shouldn't write about how hard it was to come up with that list, but man it required some positive thinking. I am not kidding. That is so sad. I am more negative than I realized. Those who know me well know what I mean when I say...I was picking the fool out of my eyebrows trying to come up with 10 things. But I did. And now I really do feel better. I think I need to do this more often....maybe soon, it won't be so difficult to think about the positives.

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