Friday, May 22, 2009


Princess Lilly Belle. A little flower fairy that plays with my Stella a lot!
Lilly Belle's sister Kylie is in the middle. She is also my student...(the one that's perched so perfectly under that lovely green tree for green day...pouting.) Sweet girl.
My favorite flowers are tulips. I was lucky enough to get some bright purple ones not too long ago.
My first child. Hailey. She is 14 now. Sometimes she cooperates with my photography...other times she's "So over it." Today she had to pose...because of the shirt...she knew she couldn't was purple...on purple day!!
Leftover Easter egg found in the back yard! Held by teenage hands...where only a couple of fingers are painted black. Just cause.
Maddy's (child 2) soccer team. This is actually last season...but hey....they were purple!!!! Maddy's a great athelete. She loves sports. She has always been called a tomboy and she just recently, at age 11, started wearing girl's clothes....but no girly girly colors. When she saw these purple jerseys at first....she was totally disgusted. This past season she was Carolina blue...and much happier. Unfortunately...I forgot about her recent soccer pix on blue day!

This has been so much fun. Of course I can't end here completely. I decided to go for a Rainbow Saturday. I will be searching for rainbows of colors all day...just to keep me smiling!

Purple is a color that I love...but was hard for me to find! I was a little surprised by that! I have three girls and I thought for sure purple would be stashed in there with the pinks....but not so much! I did manage to find a few older photos with purple though. Hope you enjoy your day!!!


curious girl (lisa) said...

little girls in lovely! and your big girl is just beautiful! and I love her t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

that is an amazing tulip.

Chris said...

Love the girls, all of them! Great purple pix today.

I've had a blast checking out your lovely photography this week! :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Your blessed with the girls and maybe not fully covered in purple, but I'll bet they wear it in there hearts. Great post.

kendalee said...

Such beautiful girls you have! Love the purples and have enjoyed your pictures all week. I look forward to rainbow Saturday... :)

parisa mahmoudi said...

Wow,You have lovely girls!!!
All of your shots are amazing but my favorite is the purple egg!It reminds me happy days!Thanks! :)

Anairam said...

How lovely to incorporate your girls in your purple colour searches! I am looking forward to your rainbow post tomorrow. (I am going to take a little rest from blogging for the weekend, I have some work-catching-up to do!)

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

You have beautiful children! I just love your tulip!
Have a lovely weekend!