Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Allstar Generations

This photo cracks me up. I went to my Mom's one Sunday afternoon and Stella and I were wearing our Converse All Stars. Well, my Mom looked at our feet and said, "Hey! I have some too!" and ran to her room. She came back out with bright red ones on...just like Stell's. I laughed and laughed cause that is sooo NOT my mom's style. I found out that she had used them, at a book club that she hosted, as a table centerpiece!? OkeyDokey.

I am missing my Mom today and this photo makes me smile. My mom is going out of town a lot these days because her mom, my Granny, is very ill. We don't expect to have her around much longer. I can't imagine how my Mom must feel. I dread the day. As much as I think I have come to terms with this wonderful life and it's cycles and recycles...I still can't imagine losing my Mom.

I miss ya MamaLeo!! May you have peace in your heart!


Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

I love this photo! The colors just pop, and the shoes in different sizes are just too cute!
(I bet the little ones wearing them are just adorable as well).
Thanks for the sweet supportive comment on my blog. I appreciate it!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Great great photo. And what a laugh I had, I could almost see your mom run upstairs to get hers. ;-)

LifeIsArt said...

It really was funny!!!

Chris said...

LOL This is absolutely adorable! I'd frame that for sure, it would always bring me smiles :)

kendalee said...

I love this photograph and the story! This really made me smile because my mum, who is almost 70, would so own a pair of shoes like this and have no qualms about wearing them. Or using them as a centerpiece. Mum's are great!

gman's_mom said...

This is such an awesome photo and story. I love it! Made me go put my "chucks" on to prance around today... Love ya'

Lynn :)