Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday

I thought Stella looked precious today...kinda like she just stepped off the GoodShip Lollipop or something. She looked like a little piece of candy and I just wanted to eat her up!
(That's number one for Gratitude Wednesday.)

I am very thankful for my classroom parents this year!! They have been so wonderfully supportive and this year has been great because of that!

I am happy that I got to hang out with Maddy today. She is sick, but she wasn't too sick to be delightful company. She has a ton of medicine to take for her Bronchitis but she is already feeling so much better. I thank God for inhalers and other modern meds!

I am also very happy that Nick agreed to go pick Hailey up from gym. That means I get to put all the other kids to bed. Yay!!! And hopefully I will have Hailey's dinner ready when she gets home. (poor kid has to eat dinner at 9:30 almost every night)

I am grateful for laughter. I cracked up a few times today. Really laughed hard and I love to do that. I can hear my children laughing in my my bed...right now too. LOVE IT.

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