Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A sweet compliment to ORANGES and YELLOWS...

Just got this little note from one of my students....made me cry. And wouldn't you was filled with yellow sunshine. So happy.

DEAR ms. Suzy,

I have been so happy to be in your class for 2 years! I love you alot!;-) I am going to miss you sooooooooo much! I am a
sad about leaving your class but I know that every little thing will be ok.:-( I am a little nervous and sad.:
Mom say's it will get better.
I hope that I can be a reading buddy, a class helper, and I hope I can play the drum for your class next year!

You ahve shown me that writing is good for your feelings.

When I become a proffessional football player and president I will remember you and buy you a house.:-$
You alwas have time for a hug even if you are frustrated.:O
You always calm me with a book.:-!
You always care.
We have fun.8-)

You support my love for drumming.O:-)



Sarah said...

Oh that's so lovely-it would have made me cry too!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

That was beautiful! Wow, you just never know how much you can make a difference. You sound like an amazing teacher! I love you orangey pics too!