Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I had to take my children to school today...on Memorial Day...while everyone else had the day off. Luckily it rained on and off all day so they didn't really feel like they were missing out. We had too many snow days this year so we had to use today as a "make-up" day. Ridiculous. I would have kept them home if I could have found a good excuse but we really had no plans. Hailey has missed too many days as it is and Finn had play practice...(He's Max in his first grade play...Where the Wild Things Are) and Maddy just loves school and doesn't like to miss a thing. So off they went.

Luckily my little charter school WAS off today. So here I sat...watching the rain. I even got to sneak in a morning nap! :)

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Chris said...

Naps are good on days like those. We had the same weather here. Rainy, cloudy, moody...and it seemed to affect peoples' moods too, making them all crabby and sour. Today it's not so wet, but more rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. Sigh...